Mayur Bansode

Mayur has been associated with the field of Martial Arts since 15 years. He started his competitive career by winning his first competition ( Sixth western India Jeet Kune Do Championship) at the age of 15. Mayur has passed as a national referee for MMA association of Mumbai in 2012-13. He was then elected as the president of Association of MMA of Maharashtra and general secretary of All India MMA association. In 2014 he resigned from all his posts and from his association with Super Fighting League(SFL) to set his own mark in the field of Kickboxing and fitness through Zen Fitness Studio. He is the Chief coordinator as well as a trainer at Zen Fitness Studio. Mayur is also a representative for Russian Knife Fighting School Tolpar in India.


Joharsha Shaikh

Multitalented is the word for Joharsha. He holds certification in Power Yoga as well as Fitness trainer. He has been in the fitness industry since last 12 years. He has worked in Nform and was a manager in Talwalkar's Fitness center. Now a days Joharsha is sculpting bodies at Zen Fitness Studio with his miraculous Power Yoga knowledge.


Azim Shaikh

Azim started his Karate career long back in 1990. By year 1995, he conquered the black belt in karate. Azim holds certification from All India Mixed Martial Arts Association for national referee. He has worked as pad down in India's own Super Fight League, which was telecasted on StarSports. With so many years of experience, Azim has become a strong addition to Zen Fitness Studio.


Ganesh Karande

He started with karate at an age when everyone were busy watching cartoons. He is practicing karate since 14 years. Ganesh has won Bronze medal in an international karate championship and many other medals in national & state level championship. After mastering the art of karate, now he is also into kickboxing since 6 years. He has been part of many kickboxing competitions since then. He holds more than five years of experience in teaching karate and kickboxing in the studio as well as a personal trainer.


Sneha Vishwasrao

Sneha holds Bachelors in Information Technology. Apart from being a techie, she is associated with karate since the age of 14. She has mastered the Shorinji Ryu Karate Do of India-Japan. One page is not sufficient to mention her achievements. But some of her major includes, Gold in karate tournament held in japan in 2010, rewarded with champion of champions trophy in Budolin Fight League in December 2012. She holds many more medals for which one cupboard isn't sufficient. Sneha is associated with Zen Fitness Studio as a kickboxing trainer and inspiring all the women since then.


Priyanka Tarun

How many forms of yoga do you know? Well, Priyanka holds certification in many forms of yoga than you could imagine. She is certified in Hatha Yoga (equanimity of body and mind), Swara Yoga (the science of brain breathing), Traditional Yoga( meditation, relaxation and strengthening of body) and Pranayam (breathing exercise). She holds an experience of 6 years and apart from yoga she is a kathak (dance form) enthusiast as well.


Sameer Patil

Sameer holds his Bachelors in Information Technology. Apart from being a tech savvy, Sameer is passionate about kickboxing. Sameer has decided to take his passion to a next level by joining Zen Fitness Studio as a trainer holding experience of more than four years.