After 18 years long commitment to karate, Mayur was conferred with the prestigious Shodan Black Belt. Having trained in Nepal, Thailand and Brazil, he went on to gaining global recognition by winning a gold medal in the International Kickboxing Championship. In 2008 after bagging 71 Gold medals, Mayur decided to impart his learnings and his spirit of challenging himself by establishing Zen Fitness Studio with various training programmes besides kickboxing.


Also popular as Zen Kickboxing Academy, Zen Fitness Stdio's new gym is now equipped with state of the art equipment and the best in training expertise to help you to get to yor golas, and to push them fther each day. It is located in the heart of Mumbai's technology hub, and is easily accessible from Ghatkopar, Vidyavihar and Chembur.

Mayur's Personal Philosophy

I have studied several martial arts like Kobudo (weapons), Aikido (Locking Techniques), Capoiera, Ju Jitsu but have decided to specialize only in Kickboxing and Karate, as they are quite similar in certain aspects. The reason being that a person can specialize only in one type of Martial Art, as the goal is one but the paths leading to it are many. My path is Kickboxing and Karate. As for my Fitness Training Program I have also done Power Yoga, Weight Training, Indian Yoga along with Kickboxing, my program is designed taking aspects of all of these techniques and inculcate them into one single program. This program is not marketed by any specific name, but its uniqueness and effectiveness beats all other programs now available in the fitness industry.